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By Daniel J. Bornt • Denise Seif, Instructor Art History II

1. Late Gothic in Italy

2. Early Italian Renaissance

3. Early Northern Renaissance

4. High Italian Renaissance
& Mannerism

5. High & Late Northern

6. Baroque

7. The Eighteenth Century

8. The Nineteenth Century

9. Indian Art

10. Chinese Art

11. Japanese Art

Modern Era
featuring Jim Rosenquist

An Essay on
Post-Postmodern Art


"Temple" - Raku-fired clay by Charles Sharrod Partin III

Art 162 Honors

 The Altarpiece Assignment I Assignment II Timeline I Timeline II Renaissance and Baroque Map
 Flash Cards 1250-1700 Flash Cards 1575-1905 Flash Cards for China 1506 BCE-AD 1911
 Fall 2003 Schedule Parkland College, Champaign, Illinois Close window above