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3. Early Northern Renaissance Synopsis art 162 honors

Renaissance and Baroque Map

Although the Early Renaissance in Northern Europe and Spain paralleled that of Florence, there were significant differences: Those regions outside of Italy did not have the advantage of exposure to nearby extant ruins of Roman and Greek civilization so prevalent in Italy with the resulting immediacy of classical details and ideals. Coming from a background of manuscript illumination and minature, Northern artists developed an exacting naturalism and symbolic representation as they developed proficiency in the new medium of oil painting. - DJB

15th Century Art in Northern Europe and Spain 1375 - 1500
Early Northern Renaissance


Book of Hours - prayer book containing liturgical passages to be read privately at set points during the day
Illuminated manuscripts - handcrafted books or booklets with highly embellished and colored ink illustrations and text
Oil paint - paint whose pigments are suspended in media derived from vegetable oils
Glazes - layers of opaque monochrome underpainting that give "oil" paintings effects of gloss and depth
Triptych - painting on three hinged panels
International Style - synthesis of luxurious patterns of French Gothic and Sienese stylizations into late 14th and early 15th century pan-European style
Naturalism - the depiction of figures and objects with a verity as they appear in nature
Donor - person(s) who fund(s) creation of artwork, usually of a religious or devotional nature


Limbourg Brothers Paul (Pol), Herman, and Jean/Jan (Hennequin)
Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, (Very Sumptuous Hours of the Duke of Berry), May, February,
Illumination, 81/2’ x 51/2” 1413-1416

Claus Sluter, (active ca. 1380 - 1406)
The Well of Moses, Stone, 6’ 1395 - 1406

Jan van Eyck, (c. 1390 - 1441)
The Ghent Altarpiece, Oil on wood, 11’ 6” x 15’ 1”, completed 1432
Giovanni Arrnolfini and His Bride, Oil on panel, 2’ 8”x i’ll 1/2”, 1434
Man in a Red Turban ,Oil on wood, 10.25 x 7.5” 1433

Rogier van der Weyden (c.1400 - 1464)
Deposition (Descent from the Cross), Oil on wood, 7’ 2.5” x 8’ 7” c. 1435
Portrait of a Lady, Oil on panel, ca. 1460

Hugo van der Goes (c. 1440 - 1482)
Portinari Altarpiece, Oil on wood, center about 8’ 3. 5” x 10’ c. 1476

The Master of Flemalle (Robert Campin, c. 1378 - 1444)
Merode Altarpiece, Oil on wood, center 25” x 25” c. 1425 -28

Hieronymus Bosch (1450 - 1516)
Garden of Earthly Delights, Oil on wood, center 86-5/8” x 76-3/4”, c. 1505-1510
Crowning with Thorns, Panel painting, after 1500


The Altarpiece (info and links)

Early Northern Renaissance images:

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