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Chinese Synopsis art 162 honors

Celestial globe vase


The known art of China spans roughly three-and-a-half millenia, beginning around 1500 BCE. Although the region encompasses vast areas and the time frame includes diverse ethnic groups, there remains a remarkable continuity in the arts throughout the centuries. Ceramics, sculpture, architecture, painting and illustration comprise the Chinese creative efforts. Although execution in each of these fields was suberb, it was in ceramics and painting that China's artists especially excelled and which they are notably known for. - DJB


Dynasty - period of inherited rule by a closely aligned or familial group
Confucius - (551?-497? BCE). Chinese political ethical philosopher...he taught a large number of disciples the second century B.C....formed the dominant philosophy in China. (R-219)
Daoism - Chinese religious system based on the teachings of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu...(R-987)
Canon - formalized Chinese rules for artistic representation
Xie He / Wen-ren
Literati - intellectual class during Song Dynasties that engaged in arts as "amateurs"
Porcelain - transluscent, impervious pottery made in a base of fine white clay (kaolin), or any pottery having the properties of such


Shang Dynasty (c. 1506— 1050 BCE)
Ritual Wine Vessel, Anyang, bronze, 87/8 x 13”, 13th cent. BCE

Qin Dynasty (221 — 206 BCE)

Great Wall of China 256— 206 BCE
Army of Emperor Shi Huangdi in pits next to burial mound, painted terracotta, 210 BCE

Han Dynasty (2O6 BCE — 220CE)

Landscape with Men Harvesting & Shooting Water Fowl, rubbing of a tile, 6 1/2 x 18 1/2”
Galloping Horse on Flying Swallow, bronze
Bronze chariot, 2nd cent. CE

Period of Disunity (200 — 589)
Prabhutaratra and Sakyamuni, bronze, 10” c. 518
Admonitions of the Instructress to the Ladies of the Palace, Gu Kaizhi, c. 344—406

Tang Dynasty (618— 906)

Standing Horse, earthenware, 28 x 33”, 618—907
Emperor’s Horse, ink on paper, c.720 —780
Tuning the Lute, Chou Fang, painting on silk, c.800

Northern & Southern Song Dynasties (960— 1279)
Travelers Among Mountains and Streams, Fan Kuan, ink on silk 6’9” x 2’S”
Northern Song Dynasty, c. 990 —1030
Solitary Angler on Wintry Lake, Ma Yuan, ink on silk,
Southern Song Dynasty, c. 1160—1225
Bare Willows and Distant Mountains, Ma Yuan, album leaf, ink and colors on silk,
Southern Song Dynasty, c. 1160 — 1225

Yuan Dynasty (1279— 1368)
Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, Huan Gongwang, section of hand scroll, ink on paper, 1347— 1350
Autumn Colors on Chiao and Rita Mountains, Chao Meng Pu, 1295

Ming Dynasty (1368— 1644)
Stem Cup, White ware
Vase with blue underglazed decoration of Dragon, l5th cent.
Covered Vase, Blue and White ware, l6th cent.
Autumn Mountains, Dong Qichang, handscroll, ink on paper, l7th cent.

Qing Dynasty (1644— 1911)
Landscape, Shitao, album leaf, ink and colors on paper, 17th cent.
Taihe Dian, Imperial Palace, Forbidden City, Beijing,



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