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The Expatriates
Expatriates from Nazi Fascism and their Influence on Modern Art and Architecture in the US

Miës van der Rohe

Ludwig Miës van der Rohe b. Aachen, Germany 27 March 1896 d. 17 August 1969. Apprenticeship under architect Peter Behrens. Architect of German pavilion at Barcelona in 1929. Director of Bauhas (1930-1933); Director of School of Architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology (1938-1959). Notable projects and commissions in US include: ITT campus buildings, ITT (1945-1956); Promontory Apartments, Chicago, (1949); Farnsworth House, Chicago (1945-50).Seagram's Building, New York, (1957).

Roberto Matta

Roberto Sebastian Antonio Matta Echaurren b. Santiago, Chile, 11/11/1911 d. 11/23/2002 Civitavecchia, Italy. Studied architecture at the Universidad Catolica in Santiago. To Paris in 1933 and worked for two years as draftsman in the Paris studio of architect Le Corbusier. Invited by Andre Bretonto to join the Surrealist group in 1937. He exhibited at the International Surrealist Exhibition of 1938 and moved to New York at outbreak of the World War II. Matta travelled with Robert Motherwell to Mexico in the 1940s. His talent regarding technique and his automatic surrealist touch impressed Arshile Gorky, Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline. Together with Masson he had a deep influence over many New York painters and enabled the blossoming of Modern American Art.

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"Expatriates from Nazi Fascism and their Influence on Modern Art and Architecture in the US"
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