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Timeline I

...covering Stone Age, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Aegean periods



Devise a linear timeline, that runs from the Stone Age to the Aegean Art periods. Designate the time frame for the art historical eras covered in class. Begin with a common timeline starting with the oldest date that continues to the most recent date of the periods covered in this section. On that timeline designate the art historical eras we have covered. Place the periods listed below on the timeline reflecting the dates of each.

Stone Age (Paleolithic, Mesolithic*, Neolithic)

Ancient Near Eastern (Sumerian Period, Akkadian Dynasty,
Neo-Sumerian, Babylonian Period, Assyrian Empire, Achaemenid Persian Empire)

Egyptian (Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom*, New Kingdom)

Aegean (Cycladic, Minoan, Mycenaean)

For each of these periods select two works of art that you feel reflect the ideas of their respective period. (* The periods with the asterisk (*) do not have to be represented with works of art but the period dates should still be shown.) This means there will be a total of 26 pieces of art identified on your timeline. Place the date of the art works on the timeline. In this way these works of art are visually linked in time and art historical eras. Look at the timelines at the front of each Chapter of your text book as a reference.

Note: The period (or bracket dates) are the dates you must know for the exam.