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Art History 161
Denise Seif, Instructor
Final Exam Essay Instructions


Prepare a one page outline for this final essay question. You may use this outline as you write your essay during the final exam. You must turn in your prepared outline with your exam. Be sure to include pertinent historical information in your answer when appropriate. Give examples of art work seen in class or from the text to support your statements.

You have been asked to curate an exhibit of art works that trace the way in which our ancestors came to understand themselves. As a highly respected scholar in Art History you have the ability to borrow pieces from any collection in the world. The museum board of directors is happy to financially support this exhibit as long as you are able to provide them sufficient justification for your choices of work. They need to know why the pieces you have selected are necessary for this exhibition. These pieces must be significant in helping to better understand how art is a record of the priorities and beliefs of its maker. In your initial proposal to the board of directors you had suggested a theme of Spirit and Power.

You must also provide the board with a general idea of how the exhibit will be presented (if the works are to be shown chronologically or if you will be grouping pieces by themes.) Recently, the board has responded well to creative exhibit designs. Still, you must be sure to defend you choice of layout to be certain you have “buy-in” from all of the members.

The only obligation that the board has placed on you is that a minimum of four art historical periods must be included in the exhibition. Therefore they are requiring you to have at least one work from each “unit” (Prehistoric/ Ancient, Classical, Christian, & Non-Western/Islamic.) Be sure to address, in your exhibit proposal, how the art work produced during these periods are reflections of the “human condition” as recorded by the artists of
each generation.