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The name Babylon comes from the Babylonian word Bab-ilium or Babel meaning the "gate of god".


Babylon lies at 40.42 degrees north, 73.20 degrees west on the Euphrates river where the Euphrates and Tigris rivers approach most closely together. Click here for a map of Chaldea.

General Layout

The Euphrates river divides the city into two unequal parts. Click here for a map of the city. ( more maps).

Nebuchadnezzar's re-Building

Also, the northern city walls were rebuilt, because they were originally made from mud-brick, and Nebuchadnezzar wanted to replace them with burnt brick. Under Nebuchadnezzar, a new palace was built in which he would come to reside. He also constructed the glorious "Hanging Gardens" in which Babylon was so well known for. His other accomplishments included rebuilding the main canals, embellished the streets, completing the Euphrates River Bridge (begun by his father, Nabopolassar), and the embellishment and reconstruction of a number of temples, including the ziggurat (also begun by his father).



The History of the City and The People of Babylon


All information contained in this site is about the city of Babylon as it is known to be or thought to have been around the year 580BC during the Chaldean empire or dynasty. This period is very similar to that of the Babylonian empire during which Hummurabi is the best known king, but some information (particularly about the city structures) will be different.

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